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Ericsson Keepixo AL2000 Family

The AL2000 delivers HEVC formatted streams and is ideally suited for mobile applications, it is integrated with Ericsson’s eMBMS LTE system and allows Mobile operators and Telcos to take the lead in delivery of high quality video to smart phones and tablets at very low bit rates – up to 50% less than MPEG-4 AVC.

Product Description

Consumer's desire to access high quality content anytime, anywhere, is driving demand for integrated TV services on any network. The proliferation of video capable portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones means that a growing share of this consumption will interest mobile networks. It is expected that by 2017 IP traffic on mobiles will grow by 15 fold, mainly driven by video. This level of IP traffic creates bandwidth challenges for mobile operators.

Introduction of HEVC standard allows operators to save up to 50% bandwidth over MPEG-4 AVC standard and makes it a viable proposition for mobile applications. Mobile operators can take advantage of this high performance video processing to deliver highly bandwidth efficient television services to consumers over mobile broadband networks. Combined with multicast mode of Ericsson’s eMBMS LTE networks the AL2000 enables the most efficient delivery of popular content to consumers, while on the move, hugely reducing network traffic and bandwidth utilization issues for operators.

Housed in a compact 1RU chassis, the AL2000 can take standard MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC transport streams over IP or video via SDI to encode it into the HEVC format ready for streaming to the mobile devices. AL2000 can output streams using MPEG-DASH segmentation. The option is available where the HEVC stream can also be stored as file for later transmission.


Business Benefits

Meeting Mobile bandwidth challenges
Mobile subscriptions for high data consumption devices are expected to reach 4.2 billion by 2018 and demand for data traffic expected to grow 15 fold by the end of 2017, driven mainly by video. Ericsson’s HEVC technology is ideally placed to deliver bandwidth savings for same video quality to enables operators to efficiently launch media services over LTE to meet this demand.

Integrated with Ericsson’s eMBMs LTE
Ericsson’s LTE broadcast is a very powerful tool for operators to embrace the impact and attraction of media contents and thus to provide new services and business opportunities in the mobile media era. Allows the network operators and its media partners to offer new services boldly over the mobile networks, using innovative business models, without the fear of congestion or failure to deliver to the consumers.

Ericsson’s leading eMBMS LTE is the system that deliver a complete end-to end solution for mobile operators.

MPEG-DASH segmentation support
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) simplifies and standardizes the adaptive delivery of video to consumer devices, ensuring a better quality of service, greater efficiency and introducing opportunities for monetization.

Flexible input configuration Baseband encoding and transcoding
AL2000 is capable of accepting SDI video or either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC transport stream over an IP input and transcode it directly into HEVC format.

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