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P.Link Dual UHD/8HD encoder & decoder Featured

P.Link- Dual UHD/8HD encoder / decoder

Perseus is the only Intra compression technology that can allocate bandwidth on the fly, either Dynamically or from Workflow. 

Perseus can be used by Broadcasters, Service Providers, OB production Houses, looking to transport live video on fixed infrastructure. 

The software-based design provides outstanding flexibility to meet evolving UHD & HDR workflow requirements.

In an environment where broadcasters are demanding increasing levels of capability from less equipment, systems have to be much more flexible than the single purpose units of the past.

Key benefits to P.Link

  • Best VQ vs Bandwidth for an Intra Codec
  • Mix Formats and Direction as per IBC Demo
  • Dynamic Multiplex
  • Active Bitrate Cntrol
  • Graceful Degradation- no Collapse Blocks
  • NMS Integration, Dataminer
  • 80-129 Mbps-1080i
  • 200-300Mbps-UHD

Typical applications

 Site-to- Site:

  • Maintains Video Fidelity after Concatenated Encodes 
  • Dynamic Multiplex allocates bandwidth between services according to complexity 


Remote Production:

  • Program, Preview and Proxy Bitrates can be set frame by frame, vi automation 
  • 8 3G- SDI allow typical workflow like 6 camera 3 return videos in 1 rack unit


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