Reble 610 Microwave Link

The reble610 is an evolution of the innovative and performing Reble310. The Reble610 differs for an accurate hardware design, absence of internal cabling and an increased modularity. 

The unit is built on a basic chassis with 4 extractable boards which makes maintenance and critical operations, like frequency modification, easy and efficient. The Reble610, like its predecessor, contains two hot swappable power supplies, both AC and DC versions are available. 

The modular approach has brought to the development of the data interface module (containing modulator, demodulator and data interface) and the RF module (containing Transmitter, Receiver and channel filter).

From an RF point of view the new transmission circuitry is able to guarantee at least 1 watt at the head with every modulation scheme, introducing in addition, wideband precorrection (up to 1GHz depending on frequency band). 

Major innovations on the digital input side, the interface is equipped with 10 BNC connectors configurable singularly as ASI/BTS inputs or outputs, in this way the unit functions de facto as a distributor and ASI matrix both inbound and outbound. 

The Reble610 can carry IP traffic to/from a GbE port, an E1 at 2048Kbit/s (alternatively to two ASI/BTS input/outputs). A connection named ‘transit' has been introduced so that the entire baseband can be forwarded to another unit, in order to efficiently build an RTX couple (repeater style)

To transfer all these signals the channel capacity has been increased to 56MHz and bitrate equal to 310Mbit/s; using an optional XPIC module (and an extra Reble610) it is possible to duplicate the bitrate increasing it to 610MBit/s, exploiting H and V polarizations and cancelling undesired content using special algorithms.

A new management software offers complete control over device parameters and settings, an on-board TFT touch-screen allows for a simple and intuitive user interface to check for anomalies. The same monitoring and control can be carried out thru a particularly easy to use web interface and thru SNMP.

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