With over 29 years of experience in the market, TBS96 is a market leader as a service provider and system implementer in the fields of Defense.

The defense industry provides the technology that protects nations all over the world. Tbs96 provides governments with military capabilities across the naval, land, aerospace, and electronic systems domains in support of current and future defense and military requirements.

The control of sea lanes and coastal regions is an indispensable task for every coastal state. Some of the solutions we offer are: Coastal Surveillance, Situational Awareness, Navigation, Platform Protection, Naval Combat Suite, LRIT, VTMIS, Domain Awareness, Unmanned Maritime Systems etc.

Land defense is a complex, multi-layered challenge, requiring a vast array of expertise in many fields. Some of the solutions we offer are: Situational Awareness, Platform and Force Protection, Ground Based Radars. Weapon Systems, C41, Unmanned Systems, Autonomous Systems, SIGINT, Navigation, Critical Facility Protection, Tactical Equipment etc.

Some of the solutions we offer are: Air Traffic Control, Platform Protection, Air Defense, IFF, ISR, Situational Awareness, ISTAR, Airborne Radars, Navigation, SIGINT & EW, Unmanned Systems, Weapon Systems etc.

With the advancement of technology countries have chosen to monitor themselves from space using satellite and other solutions. Tbs96 is proud to say that by having leading companies in the market as partners is able to offer these services. Some of the solutions we offer are: Communication Satellites and Observation Satellites.

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