“Bridging the Future Technology”

On the 20th of October, tbs96 ltd successfully hosted the 10th event “Bridging the Future Technology” at Rogner Hotel Tirana. With the participation of 33 companies related to Broadcasting and Cybersecurity, the event was organized in two halls respectively.
The numerous attendees were from the most prestigious companies related to Broadcasting and Cybersecurity solutions. By being presented with their latest innovations in the field, the event served as a major connecting node between different companies and the participators.

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Riedel at tbs96 ltd premises

Today, Riedel representatives held a presentation regarding their latest products and innovations at tbs96 ltd premises. Their presentation was based mainly on their Artist system, a scalable digital intercom network that provides reliable communications and audio signal distribution for any audio or intercom application. Furthermore, they introduced the Bolero Wireless Intercom, an all-new wireless intercom system capable of supporting up to 250 belt packs and 100 antennas in a single deployment. Moreover, they presented SimplyLive Production Suite, a software-driven live production platform that lets you choose from a range of application layers, tuned to the tasks you need to do – from slow motion replay, master recording, streaming, or referee review to an All-in-One production solution that gives you virtually everything you need to create a show.
Representatives from national televisions such as Klan TV, Tring, RTSH, Top Channel, and Digitalb joined the meeting.

“Bridging the Future Technology”

As it is becoming a tradition now TBS 96 is hosting its 10th event named “Bridging the Future Technology” in Tirana. This event is also marking the 30th anniversary of TBS 96 establishment as a leader system integrator in our region. Besides its permanent intention to unveil the latest technology in all operating fields, TBS 96 also aims to create a meaningful connection through direct interaction between our clients from Albania and Kosovo. 

Save the 20th of October for a noteworthy occasion in Rogner Hotel Tirana for an exclusive event that you will remember for a long time.

Sony & Nevion at tbs 96 ltd premises

tbs 96 ltd held a meeting at its premises with Sony and Nevion representatives. They introduced the latest technology regarding their expertise, but the main topic discussed was networked live for remote and distributed high-quality mission-critical live production through connected hybrid on-premises and Cloud capabilities. There were also many other representatives from national televisions such as Klan TV, Tring, RTSH, Top Channel, and Digitalb.

tbs 96 ltd Open House Event

tbs 96 ltd successfully hosted the 9th Open House Event on 28th October 2022, Rogner Hotel Tirana. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, tbs 96 ltd reorganized the open house event named “IP Technologies Solutions for Broadcasting and Cybersecurity.” The focus of this event was solutions for Broadcasting, Telecommunication, Cybersecurity, Defense, etc. There were approximately 50 companies at the event, all partners of tbs 96 ltd. The event was divided into two halls. The first hall was related to broadcasting companies and could be attended by everyone. Whereas the second hall was related to cybersecurity and defense solutions, and the entrance of this hall was restricted.

tbs 96 ltd is one of the few private companies that host an event like this, all with its expenses allowing every person enthusiastic about technology to come and meet some of the most prestigious companies in the world. During the day, more than 200 people visited the event.